Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Bajan Pack?

Bajan Pack is a shopping facilitator service for cross border shoppers. We provide fast, hassle-free shipping and customs clearance of purchases coming to Barbados out of the U.S.

Bajan Pack members are given a physical address in Miami, FL where online purchases can be shipped before we forward them on to Barbados. Shop online at any store that ships to the U.S. - using your personal Bajan Pack U.S. shipping address - and we can deliver up to your door in Barbados.

How does Bajan Pack work?

Step 1: Sign up for FREE - sign up at to activate your FREE membership and receive your U.S. shipping address. An email with your membership number and shipping address will be sent to you (if after a few minutes you have not received it in your inbox, please check your spam/junk mail).

Step 2: Shop online - shop at your favourite online stores and ship to your Bajan Pack U.S. address, including your unique membership number in the address. Submit your supplier invoice and tracking number to for faster shipping and clearance.

Step 3: Track your package - receive notifications when our Miami warehouse receives your package, and when it is ready to ship to Barbados. Leave customs clearance to us - we take care of clearing your package on arrival to Barbados. You will receive further notification when your package is available at our Barbados office.

Step 4: Receive your package - simply collect your package at our Bajan Pack Barbados office, or have it delivered straight to your door for no additional charge! Pay for your shipping, and duties if applicable, using cash, cheque, direct transfer, debit or credit card.

Why choose Bajan Pack?

  • Sign up is FREE, instant and there are no monthly costs. Just pay for shipping and duties.
  • Lower fees than comparable shipping options.
  • Cost transparency – see a breakdown of shipping, estimated duties and taxes, and other fees with our easy to use Bajan Pack calculator.
  • Shop online without a credit card! We can make the purchase for you.
  • Fast service – receive your package from as early as the same day it arrives in Barbados, and up to 7 business days following (should it be held by Customs).
  • Track your order online with your member login. You will also receive emails from us on your package status.
  • We offer FREE delivery island-wide!
  • Easy to use shipping. Leave the stress to us!
  • Fantastic customer service and online support.

What address do I ship my packages to?

Your shipping address would be our warehouse location in Miami, with your name and unique Bajan Pack membership number included. For example, a customer whose name is John Smith with Bajan Pack membership #BBB123456 would have the following shipping address:

Name: John Smith

Address 1: 11401 NW 107th Street, Suite 500

Address 2: Bajan Pack BBB123456

City: Miami

State: Florida

Zip Code: 33178

Phone Number: (786) 543-8714

How long will it take to receive my package?

We have two flights per week, Tuesdays and Fridays, from Miami to Barbados.

Once we have been provided with your invoices and tracking numbers for packages already delivered to the Miami warehouse:

·Packages received by 10:00 am on Fridays should arrive on the following Tuesday’s flight to Barbados;

·Packages received by 10:00 am on Wednesdays should arrive on that week’s Friday flight to Barbados.

Once your packages have arrived in Barbados, you can receive them from as early as the same day they arrive, and up to 7 business days following (should it be held by Customs).

How can I get my package on the next available flight to Barbados?

By sending an email to with your tracking number, supplier invoice and product details, this allows our team in Miami to keep an eye out for your package on its scheduled arrival day. It also allows for faster customs clearance here in Barbados. Please get in the habit of sending us these details as soon as you receive the supplier confirmation that your package has been shipped.

Where can I shop online?

You can shop online at any store that ships to the U.S. Try out,,,,, and many, many, many more!

For more ideas, and to keep up-to-date with online sales, follow us on Facebook or Instagram @bajanpack.bgi

Where can I collect my package in Barbados?

You can collect your package from our office at Townhouse No. 2, #17 Callenders Crescent, Christ Church. For directions, click here or call us at 548-0349.

Can I ship anything to Barbados? What items CANNOT be shipped?

If you do order prohibited goods, we will make every effort to advise you that we have received them and that we will not be able to ship them. It is then your responsibility to arrange a return or alternative U.S. delivery address, or to give us instructions to dispose of them.

Some restrictions apply when shipping items to Barbados. We cannot deliver items that are prohibited. Please see the details on RESTRICTED items below:


  • Cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco or other tobacco products
  • Alcohol products / beverages
  • Gambling apparatus, lottery tickets and other similar prize tickets issued in foreign countries
  • Perishable goods and foods.


  • Controlled chemicals: including substances which are precursors or chemicals for manufacture of dangerous drugs or psychotropic substances
  • Narcotic drugs
  • Unlicensed drugs , Infectious substances


  • Offensive weapons, sharp items such as kitchen knives and swords
  • Irradiating apparatus and radioactive materials
  • Firearms (or parts thereof)
  • Imitation arms including toy guns, toy pistols, hand grenades
  • Munitions of war
  • Firecrackers , Cigarette lighters of pistols or revolver shape

Flammable, incendiary goods and goods comprising:

  • Perfumes / colognes / eau de toilette / fragrance spray
  • Nail polish / nail polish remover
  • Spray / aerosol cans / compressed gas cylinders
  • Fuels / gasoline / gas torches
  • Engine oil / essential oil
  • Lighters with fuel / lighter fluid
  • Turpentine / paint thinner
  • Alcohol products / beverages
  • Flammable / toxic contents products

Lithium batteries unless they comply with the following packaging requirements:

  • Packages containing lithium batteries, or lithium batteries contained in, or packed with, equipment that are properly packaged
  • Packing each battery or each battery-powered device when practicable, in fully enclosed inner packaging made of non-conductive material (such as a plastic bag)
  • Separating or packing batteries in a manner to prevent contact with other batteries, devices or conductive materials (e.g., metal) in the packaging
  • Ensuring exposed terminals or connectors are protected with non-conductive caps, non-conductive tape, or by other appropriate means
  • Batteries should be securely cushioned and packed to prevent shifting which could loosen terminal caps or reorient the terminals to produce short circuits

If you do order prohibited goods, we will make every effort to advise you that we have received them and that we will not be able to ship them. It is then your responsibility to arrange a return or alternative US delivery address, or to give us instructions to dispose of them.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, credit or debit card, cheques written to Bajan Pack, or direct transfers to our FCIB account.

What are your bank details should I wish to make payments directly to your bank account?

For making payments directly to our bank account, please use the following details and provide us with proof of payment transfer once completed:

Beneficiary Name: Bajan Pack

Beneficiary Address: Townhouse 2, #17 Callender Crescent, Christ Church, Barbados

Beneficiary account number: 1001156313

Beneficiary Bank: FirstCaribbean International Bank

Beneficiary Bank Address: Warrens, St. Michael, Barbados

Swift Code: FCIBBBBB

Type of Account: Chequing

Can I shop online without a credit card?

You sure can! Here is how:

Step 1: Fill your online cart. Send an email to with the links, quantities, specifics (colours, sizes etc) of the items you wish to purchase.

Step 2: We will send you a quote for your approval. This will include the cost of your items and the standard credit card and foreign exchange fees. Once we receive your payment (cash, debit card, cheque or transfer to our FCIB account) we will go ahead and make the purchase for you.

Step 3: Receive your items and pay for shipping, and customs duties if applicable, upon delivery or collection of your package.

Do you offer shipments via ocean for large items?

Yes we do! This is where our sister company, Coral International Transport & Logistics, comes into play.

Should you have items larger than 84” x 24” x 48”, please feel free to send dimensions and/or any other specifics of cargo to, for a quotation on estimated landing cost.

What are the costs associated with shipping via Bajan Pack?

Shipping a package from the U.S. to your door involves a few costs – some of which are charged directly by Customs.

Check out our online calculator to view our standard charges that will be applicable for payment prior to, or upon collection or delivery of your shipment in Barbados. Calculate an estimate before you ship.

Storage fees may become applicable for packages not collected from our Barbados office after 5 business days.

Other miscellaneous charges may occasionally be applied should you require or request additional brokerage services to be provided for a shipment.

Will customs duties and taxes be charged on my package?

Duties and taxes are charges imposed by Customs and, thus, are ultimately at the discretion of Customs to charge. We therefore cannot guarantee that your package will not be held for a duties assessment.

The percentage of duty charged depends on what type of commodity is being imported. Should any customs duties and taxes become applicable to your shipment, these charges will become payable in addition to our shipping and brokerage rates.

Use our online calculator for an estimate before you ship.