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 Bajan Pack Rates 

Shipping a package from the U.S. to your door has a few costs – some of which are charged directly by Customs. Read our breakdown below and use the customs calculator for an estimated on duties.

 Freight Costs 

Rates are effective January 1st 2024.

Air Freight – There is a flat-rate fee of $10 USD for packages pound and under. For packages above 1 pound, the fee is $7.00 USD per pound (or part thereof).


Fuel Surcharge - There is a $0.50 USD charge per pound for air freight.

Insurance - There is a $1 USD charge for every $100 USD of declared value (with a minimum charge of $2 USD) This protects your package from lost or damage when shipping with Bajan Pack.

 Customs Costs 

The fees below are all charged by customs.

Bajan Pack how to -50.png

Customs / Duty – Customs duty is a fee collected on imports by a country's customs authorities. The percentage of duty charged depends on what type of merchandise is being imported (see the drop down list in our calculator for estimates. 

VAT – Valued-Added Tax is levied at the rate of 17.5%

PFD (Processing Fee Declaration) - There is a $5 USD fee per shipment on all shipments that require customs clearance.

Customs examination fee – There is a $6 USD + VAT flat fee charged for all packages examined, but not held by customs.

Clearance fee – There is a $9.50 USD + VAT flat fee charged for all packages held by customs for further examination.

 Additional Costs 

Bajan Pack 2024.png

Islandwide Delivery – There is a $10-20 BBD + VAT delivery fee per delivery of your packages to your door. Rates are based on your location.


Christ Church, St. Philip, St. Michael and St. George = $10

St. James, St. Thomas, St. John and St. Joseph = $15

St. Peter, St. Andrew and St. Lucy = $20

Air Freight Storage Fees – There is a $15 BBD / week storage fee on all packages not collected from our Barbados location within 5 business days. There is a $5 USD / day storage fee on all packages stored at our Miami Warehouse - 2 weeks after it arrives. Please upload your invoices in a timely manner to avoid this charge.

Please see our ocean tab for rates on ocean shipments
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