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 Bajan Pack Rates 

Shipping a package from the U.S. to your door has a few costs – some of which are charged directly by Customs. Read our breakdown below and use the customs calculator for an estimated on duties.

 Freight Costs 

Air Freight – There is a flat-rate fee of $40 BDS for packages 1-3 pounds. For packages 4 pounds and more, the fee is $5.00 USD per pound (or part thereof).


Fuel Surcharge - There is a $0.50 USD charge per pound for air freight.

Insurance - There is a $1 USD charge for every $100 USD of declared value (with a minimum charge of $2 USD) This protects your package from lost or damage when shipping with Bajan Pack.

 Customs Costs 

The fees below are all charged by customs.

Bajan Pack how to -50.png

Customs / Duty – Customs duty is a fee collected on imports by a country's customs authorities. The percentage of duty charged depends on what type of merchandise is being imported (see the drop down list in our calculator for estimates. 

VAT – Valued-Added Tax is levied at the rate of 17.5%

PFD (Processing Fee Declaration) - There is a $5 USD fee per shipment on all shipments that require customs clearance.

Customs examination fee – There is a $6 USD flat fee charged for all packages examined, but not held by customs.

Clearance fee – There is a $9.50 USD flat fee charged for all packages held by customs for further examination.

 Additional Costs 

Islandwide Delivery – There is a $5 BBD flat fee charged per delivery of your packages to your door.

Air Freight Storage Fees – There is a $15 BBD / week storage fee on all packages not collected from our Barbados location within 5 business days. There is a $5 USD / day storage fee on all packages stored at our Miami Warehouse - 2 weeks after it arrives. Please upload your invoices in a timely manner to avoid this charge.

Please see our ocean tab for rates on ocean shipments
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