Weekly Ocean Shipments! 

Ship via ocean with our sister company Coral International Transport and Logistics.

 Ocean Shipments to Barbados.

How it works...

All aboard! Our ocean shipments sail once a week! Email gabrielagodoy@bajanpack.com for a FREE quotation and for more details on the simple process.


Ocean shipments are highly recommended for heavier items as price is based on volume not weight. The ship takes 4 days to sail from Miami to Barbados – leaving on a Thursday and arriving on a Monday. Items then take roughly a week to clear customs. 

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 Personal Effects Boxes 

Bajan Pack Boxes-20.png


10 cubic feet

36 X 22 X 22 inches

$414.20 BDS

Bajan Pack Boxes-19.png


18 cubic feet

42 X 29 X 25.5 inches

$684 BDS

Bajan Pack Boxes-21.png


64 cubic feet

58 X 42 X 45 inches

$1700 BDS

Prices are all inclusive, and include everything from the container box to local delivery. Customs duties are NOT included. 

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 Commercial Clients 

We check all the boxes!

Email gabrielagodoy@bajanpack.com to arrange a meeting with our team on how we can help you with your commercial shipping requirements. We will learn more about your unique needs, answer any question on the process and provide you with a FREE quotation on shipping with Bajan Pack.

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